Why you need a camp stove

Why you need a camp stove

People camp for all sorts of reasons.  Some people do it relax, some enjoy the outdoors.  Many camp because it’s part of a great hunting trip.  No matter what the reason you need to eat when camping.  Having a good camp stove makes cooking easy and enjoyable.

Cooking over a camp fire


There is nothing better than S’mores over a camp fire.  However you can’t live off of S’mores.  Getting your coals just right for cooking over takes hours and lots of work.  Most of the time you end up with burnt or under cooked food.  Carrying a grill top to go over a fire gets heavy.  Plus many camp sites don’t allow open fires.  The best alternative to wood camp fires is a camp stove.

Camp Stoves

A good camp stove is just a portable gas stove.  Most people have electric stoves now days, so that’s what they are used to using.  Cooking on a camp stove is the same principle as electric stove.  Set your heat the way you want it start cooking.  It’s really simple.  In fact it’s far better than trying to start a camp fire waiting for just the right coals and then starting to cook, hoping you don’t burn your food.  There are two basic fuels for camp stoves.  Liquid and gas fueled camp stoves.

Liquid Fueled

Liquid fuel stoves, use either a white gas, or unleaded gasoline.  These stoves must be pumped up to get pressure before you light it.  The nice thing about liquid gas is that they are very efficient.  One gallon of fuel will usually last a full year of camping or better.  If you buy a dual fuel camp stove you can burn white gas or straight unleaded gas.  While white gas burns cleaner, unleaded gas is cheap.  The only downside to liquid fueled camp stoves is the potential mess when you spill trying to refill them.


Propane Camp StoveMost gas camp stoves use propane.  This is great because it’s just like cooking on a propane grill, or with natural gas.  Many of these use small 1 Lbs propane bottle that is easy transport.  While you can buy an adapter to refill this small bottles off your 20LBS or bigger propane bottles most people just buy a new one when they run out.  The only down fall to these types of stoves is having to carry enough bottles last you for your entire campout.  Most of the time that means just having an extra.  However if you like to take long campouts you may need a few and that takes up space.


Duel Fuel Camp StoveNo matter what fuel you go with having a camp stove is important.  The time they save over building a camp fire is worth the money.  Anyone who drinks coffee in the morning knows trying do anything in the morning without a cup of coffee is hard.  With a camp stove you can be heating coffee in a matter of seconds.  When you’re hungry and you don’t want to take the time to build a fire, a camp stove is worth it.  Best yet is you don’t have to worry about wet firewood, or a rained on bag of charcoal.  As long as you have fuel a camp stove will light and getting you cooking in short order.  No matter how big or small, what fuel it uses, you will always be glad you have a camp stove.


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