Warming up your car

Warming up your car in cold weather? It’s not bad!

The car warmup debate. There has been a lot of debate on warming up your car in the winter.  In fact there are lots of articles posted on social media every winter telling you how bad it is.  That you are harming your car.  Most of them read like this one from the Washington Post. … Read moreWarming up your car in cold weather? It’s not bad!

Future of Cars

The Future of Cars looks bright?

The Future of Cars In 1908 Henry Ford produced the Model T.  The first production car in the United States.  It was built to be inexpensive and reliable for the masses.  Since then countless cars have been produced.  We have gone for a car that barely has one head light to cars that light up … Read moreThe Future of Cars looks bright?

Bullet Ballistics

Understanding Basic Bullet Ballistics

Bullet Ballistics Even if you never do long range shooting, and just go plinking once a year, you should understand bullet ballistics.  Basic understanding of bullet ballistics will not only help understand how to sight in your guns.  It helps you understand the reason for different bullet weights and types.  This helps hunters pick the … Read moreUnderstanding Basic Bullet Ballistics

car guy gifts under $30

Practical Car Guy Gifts under $30

Great car guy gifts under $30 Trying to find a gift for the car guy in your life can be hard.  Especially if you aren’t a car person.  So here are a few great car guy gifts under $30.  Of course if you are a car guy maybe you should just buy yourself something special. … Read morePractical Car Guy Gifts under $30

Prepare you car for wintert

How to prepare your car for winter

Preparing your car for winter Unless you live in paradise, winter has potential to be rough on your car.  There are a few things you can do to prepare you car for winter.  Those of you who live where it never gets below freezing you’re lucky.  You can stop reading right now and go enjoy … Read moreHow to prepare your car for winter

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