Cold Weather Camping

Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather Camping

Tricks and Tips for Cold Weather Camping Most people avoid cold weather camping.  This is because they hate being cold.  However, if you know a few simple tricks for cold weather camping, it will be enjoyable.  In fact done right you’ll find cold weather camping is better. Most of the things you need for camping … Read more

Tent Camping

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning a Camping Trip Planning a camping trip is worth while.  Even though the most memorable camp outs are when everything goes wrong.  You always want to plan for your camp outs.  Don’t go planning every single minute of your time.  Camping is about fun and relaxation.  You should however plan meals, a few activities, … Read more


Things I learned from WEBELOS camp

Thing I learned from WEBELOS camp I’ve tried not to get to personal with this blog.  However, I feel the time has come to share some of my personal experiences.  This year was my second time taking my son to WEBELOS camp.  This is what I learned at WEBELOS camp. Preparing for camp Being my … Read more

Indepentent Wolf

Things I have learned While Traveling Alone

Things I Have Learned While Traveling Alone  You have to go with the gut.  That is single most important thing I had to understand when I started solo traveling about three years ago. I never planned on going abroad solo.  Until there was a change in plans and I had to make a decision. This … Read more

How to Survive Beach Camping

Surviving Beach Camping I love camping.  Yet despite having carried around a tent in my bag for nearly 18 months. There has only been a couple situations where I have used it. Kapas Island Arriving on Kapas Island, there was anticipation. Kapas Island is on the east coast of Malaysia and I knew there was … Read more

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