How camping teaches Preparedness

How camping teaches Preparedness

Camping teaches preparedness

It could be said camping is the ultimate in preparedness.  Of course not the doomsday prepper type of preparedness.  The kind where you are self-sufficient.  Camping is about being away from the many conveniences of modern day society.  This is how camping teaches preparedness   Since you don’t have a store to run to or a pizza delivery guy to call.  You must learn to bring everything you need with or make due without.

Be prepared

Camping really teaches you that 2 is 1 and 1 is none.  Out in the wilderness when you lose your lighter, you may not be able to start a fire to keep warm, or cook your food.  That is unless you have a backup plan.  This plan maybe to bring extra lighters or matches.  It maybe be carry a flint and steel kit.  After one night spent cold and hungry, you will bring a back up way to start a fire next time. This idea goes with just about anything camping.  You will suffer when not prepared.  Then you become more prepared next time.  There are basic things you should take with you camping.  Everything you bring is for preparedness.

Camping Style Preparedness At Home

BackpackIt is interesting how many people will take everything and the kitchen sink camping.  Those same people will only keep a couple days worth of food at home.  Never have anything they need at home for emergencies.  In fact many people don’t own a fire extinguisher, or even check the batteries in their smoke detector. Use the same preparedness mindset whether camping or at home.

What to do at Home

When camping you have to plan all your meals and bring the food with you.  At home you should plan to buy enough groceries for a week of meals, snacks, and a little extra.  When you are camping you always bring extra clothes “just in case”.  Don’t let your laundry pile up until you are out of clean clothes.  Make sure you always have clean clothes.  If you have the money, buy two weeks worth of underwear and socks then do laundry once a week.  Being prepared will relieves stress.  Not staying up late to get laundry done makes life a lot better.

Many people pack a bag with clothing and personal items for when they need to leave their house at a moments notice.  Have a bag stored in your car.  Having extra clothes and personal items in your car is good for those natural disasters that keep you from even getting home.  Have extra clothes in your so you don’t worry about clothing when you can’t get home.  Driving home in wet clothing isn’t fun.  Having a spare coat or sweat shirt  in your car can prevent you from freezing because the weather man was wrong on the weather.

Most people bring extra batteries for their flashlights when camping.  However when the power goes out at home how many people can find a working a flashlight?  It’s these simple things like having extra batteries that turn a potential big problem into no big deal.  Many people keep flashlights in every room or get battery backup night lights so they can see if the power goes out.

Camping Equipment that’s helps in home emergencies

Having a camp stove for camping is a major convenience.  That same camp stove will be useful when your electricity goes out, or your home stove stops working.  Having flashlights and lanterns for camping is a must.  Those same sources of light are great for when the lights go out.  Without electricity your fridge is just one big cooler.  Understanding that concept let’s you keep calm about your food going bad.  A power inverter or generator for camping is a luxury.  Having one at home as a back up for large storms is being prepared.  If things get bad enough you can’t stay at home.   Knowing you can grab a tent and head to a camp ground will be comforting.


When you go camping you prepare for the worst.  This way you know you will have a good time when things go bad.  Use this same mindset when at home.  Use the skills you have learned from camping at home.  Knowing how to take care of yourself away from modern conveniences means you can take care of yourself any time they go away.  This is how camping teaches preparedness.


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