Tent Camping

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning a Camping Trip Planning a camping trip is worth while.  Even though the most memorable camp outs are when everything goes wrong.  You always want to plan for your camp outs.  Don’t go planning every single minute of your time.  Camping is about fun and relaxation.  You should however plan meals, a few activities, … Read more

Check Engine Light

Why is my check engine light on?

The mystery of the check engine light. It’s amazing how much of a mystery the check engine light in a car can be, to many people.  With some people are not worried at all if it’s on, as long as the car runs. Other people have their car towed in to the shop the second … Read more


Things I learned from WEBELOS camp

Thing I learned from WEBELOS camp I’ve tried not to get to personal with this blog.  However, I feel the time has come to share some of my personal experiences.  This year was my second time taking my son to WEBELOS camp.  This is what I learned at WEBELOS camp. Preparing for camp Being my … Read more

Handgun Ammo

How to Start Reloading Ammo

How to start reloading ammo. How do you start reloading ammo?  To many people reloading ammo can be scary. The chances of doing something wrong and injuring yourself or your gun is there.  If you are careful you will never have a problem.  In fact you will end up enjoying reloading, as must as shooting … Read more

Required Automotive maintenance?

Required Automotive Maintenance Every repair and dealership will tell you, you have required automotive maintenance to do to your car.  Most people question just how necessary all this maintenance is?  Is it worth the money? The necessity of automotive maintenance depends on the type of car owner you are.  Those people who buy brand new … Read more

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