Required Automotive maintenance?

Required Automotive Maintenance Every repair and dealership will tell you, you have required automotive maintenance to do to your car.  Most people question just how necessary all this maintenance is?  Is it worth the money? The necessity of automotive maintenance depends on the type of car owner you are.  Those people who buy brand new … Read more

Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

How to prepare your car for a road trip

How to prepare your car for a road trip Every millions of people use their car to go on vacation.  Every summer you see at least one person on the side of the road with car problems.  So how do you prepare your car for  a road trip?  What is going to keep you from … Read more

Indepentent Wolf

Things I have learned While Traveling Alone

Things I Have Learned While Traveling Alone  You have to go with the gut.  That is single most important thing I had to understand when I started solo traveling about three years ago. I never planned on going abroad solo.  Until there was a change in plans and I had to make a decision. This … Read more

Car Culture

What’s Happened to the US Car Culture?

Cars have been in available in the US for over a century.  The US car culture has been around almost as long.  However as of recently it seems to be dying out.  What is causing this decline of the US car culture?  Is there actually a decline in the US car culture?  There are many … Read more

How to Survive Beach Camping

Surviving Beach Camping I love camping.  Yet despite having carried around a tent in my bag for nearly 18 months. There has only been a couple situations where I have used it. Kapas Island Arriving on Kapas Island, there was anticipation. Kapas Island is on the east coast of Malaysia and I knew there was … Read more

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