What If’s

What If’s

We’ve all played the What If game.  What if I had more money,  I had married the person I dated in high school?  I had gone to a different College?  The list goes on forever, for those who question their decisions in life.  You can always play the game hoping you missed something.

Playing the Game

The funny thing about playing the What If game is that it never turns out the way you want it to.  What if I had gone to a different college?  Sure you may have a better paying job, or less school debt.  The question is what would you have missed?  There are so many people who changed my life in college.  Would I give all of those people and experiences up for a better education, or a better paying job?  Never!  So maybe we don’t change something that big.

What if I hadn’t sold my Jeep?  I loved that Jeep.  Maybe I would have had to sell my Dodge to keep the Jeep running. I still have the Dodge and it was my baby before I had kids.   Without my Dodge I would have missed out on a lot of fun.  The What If’s just keep going and not a single thing is so much better that I would change it if I could.

Why the What If’s

Ever time I start playing the What If game I end up with the same conclusion.  My life really isn’t that bad.  Sure there are things I wish I hadn’t had to deal with. Each one of those things has giving me something I’m not willing to give up.  There is lots of heart ache I could have done without.  Each one came with good times I wouldn’t give up.  There are jobs I’d rather not have done.  However, I love the job I have now, and with out past jobs I wouldn’t have the experience that helps me with my current job.

If I always come to the same conclusion why even play the game?  Sometimes you need a reminder of how good things are.  Many times I’ve played the game when I’m down on life.  Every time I’m looking for a reason why life is hard.  When I truly think about it I realize life has to be hard.  You make decisions at the time because you feel they are right.  When you start wondering what if, you are really second guessing those decisions.  Just like a Monday morning quarterback it’s easy to say it was a wrong decision, after the fact.  At the time you can only do what’s right at the time with the knowledge you have.

The End Result

Looking back playing the What if’s you may start to think you where wrong.  The facts are, those decisions made you.  They are what make you the person you are today.  Changing them would change the person you are today.  The funny thing about that is, you can always change the person you are today.  Tomorrow is always a new day and a possibility of a new you.  Playing the what if game won’t change you, only you can change yourself.


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