To each their own

To each their own

For years I’ve used the phrase “to each their own”.  Over the years I’ve used it for different reasons and with what I thought was different meanings.  However, recently I’ve come to realize that basic meaning and my deeper meaning have always been the same, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

When I first started using “to each their own” it was in reference to someone I didn’t understand.  I’d be talking to a friend and they’d ask “what’s up with people getting their nose pierced?”  to which I’d respond with a big “I don’t know to each their own?”  At the time things like that didn’t bother me, people where different who cared.

As I got older I got into politics and what I thought was a more adult mindset.  I was always right, the other side’s ideas where dumb, and man did we really need to make laws to keep these people from being stupid.  I then started getting into arguments with people just for fun.  I always called them discussions but it was an argument and I enjoyed getting people to change their mind to my way of thinking.  I know I’d become a jerk.  Every now and then I couldn’t win.  So, I started using the phrase when I’d get into an argument with someone and I felt they wouldn’t see things my way.  I used it as what I thought was a polite way of telling someone to F-off.

A few years ago I got an I-pod and started working out (on and off).  Listening to the say music got boring I started listening to Podcasts.  I went through a bunch of them and still listen to many different podcasts, but Jack over at The Survival Podcast was one I really liked.  His rants on government and politics where great.  His advice on how to live a better life was something I really wanted.

The funny thing as I listened to Jack, I stopped trying to start arguments.  I wanted to open my mind an see the whole picture.  Then as I started to see the picture I wanted to help others see it also.  The problem I found was not everyone wants their mind opened to a different thought process.  So I started to back with telling people “to each their own”, the difference now is that I truly believe to each their own.

I’ve learned that even though I may never understand why people choose not to see the truth, it’s theirs to do so.  Just like when I was young “to each their own” meant I didn’t understand why people do what they do.  The biggest difference now is I understand that everyone needs to be left to their own.

As I get older I wonder how much better this world would be if everyone had the attitude of “to each their own”?  If as a society we all left people to do as they please even if it makes no sense, there would be less fighting, and more peace.  This is why I suggest the next time you feel the need to argue with someone of politics or whatever other hot topic of the day you think “to each their own”.  If it doesn’t harm you  physically and does not denie you of your right to your own why force someone into something?

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