Things to Consider When Buying a Vehicle-Part 1

Things to Consider When Buying a Vehicle-Part 1

Buying A Vehicle

There is plenty of things to consider when buying a vehicle.  Many people I know just decide they want this make and model.  Then they  look for one in their supposed price range.   A few people will have the vehicle checked out by a Trusted Mechanic, but not much else.  This article will go over just a few things you should seriously consider before you buy a new to you vehicle.

Can You Afford It

I highly suggest you always pay cash for a vehicle.  Vehicles are the only things you’ll ever buy that will always lose value.  Making payments on something that will lose value means the minute you sign the papers you owe more money than the vehicle is worth.  This is of course is before the interest you have to pay.  I understand there are times you need a car and can not afford to pay cash.  Thus I suggest you buy the cheapest acceptable car you can find.  Just because you can afford the payments on a BMW doesn’t mean you can afford to own it.   On top of the payments you will still have to pay for tax’s license fees.  Then there is maintenance costs.  Even brand new cars need oil changes, tires, and other maintenance.

Can you Maintain it

When buying a used vehicle there will always be things that need fixed or maintained.  If you spend all your money on the car you won’t have money to fix it.  When looking to buy a car price out tires.   A cheap sports car is great until you find out it costs $400 a piece for tires.  Price out maintenance and repairs.

If you buy a car with 100k miles on it you can safely assume no maintenance has been done.  Which means if it’s a timing belt engine you’ll want to replace that ASAP.  On many cars that’s over a $1000 job.  However, having a timing belt break and ruin the  motor on the car you just bought is worse.  This is way you have a good shop check your vehicle out before you buy it and let you know all the things that are broke and all the maintenance that it will need.

Who’s Fixing It

Before you buy a European vehicle or something odd ball check with your mechanic.  Just because you go to a shop that says they work on all makes of vehicles doesn’t mean they have a lot of knowledge when it comes to working on Volkswagens, BMW’s, or every make and model of vehicle.  There are lots of specialty tools required to work on cars now days and no shop can afford to have all of them.  The last thing you want is to have to take your car to the dealer every time you have a problem bigger than worn out break pads.

If you have a trusted mechanic make sure before you buy a vehicle they have the tools and knowledge to work on the vehicle you want to buy.  I’m sure you already know how hard it is to find a good mechanic.  The last thing you want to do is have to find a new mechanic just because you bought a new car.

Of course the slight exception to this rule is if you are buying a brand new vehicle then you want to make sure that you trust the dealer mechanics.  Just because the sales person is nice doesn’t mean their service staff is equally friendly.  Along with friendly don’t assume that because a mechanic works at a dealership that he knows more about that make of vehicle.  The only things dealer mechanics have above any other mechanic is ease of getting information and specialty tools.  They will still have to use the information and tools to fix your vehicle.


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