Repurpose instead of Recycle

Repurpose instead of Recycle

For years every one has been pushing recycling and how green it is.  I’m sure I could spend some time researching how much time and energy is spent recycling but I really don’t care.  My feeling is you should repurpose things instead of recycling them, or just plain throwing them away.  In this day an age with Pinterest, and You Tube, or just plain Google you can get just about any info or idea about anything.  Trust me if you can think it up someone has done it, you will be able to find how to do whatever you want with a little research.

Tiki Torch

Citronella TorchInstead throwing away this blue glass wine bottle I turned it into a Citronella torch to keep the bugs away.  Blue glass isn’t recyclable anyway.  I used a metal washer I had lying around in my garage.  It just so happened to be the right size for the wick’s I bought at the store.  I realize not everyone has washers lying around so you may have to make a hardware store.  I’m sure you could find something else to hold the wick also just make sure it can handle the heat and won’t melt, or burn up.  The next thing is wicks, I bought mine at Wal-Mart but Citronella TorchI’ve seen them at Menards, or you could just order them at Fiberglass Tiki Wicks on Amazon.  Depending on how long the wick is and how tall your bottle is I used glass Marbles to take up the space in the bottom of the bottle so I didn’t have to have as much unusable oil.  However the bottle on the right was shorter and I didn’t have to use any marbles.  If you like things very easy and don’t like trying to find a few parts you can buy a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Kit and just add the bottle.

Old Ladder

Ladder PlanterI have to admit this was my Wife’s idea, and it turned out amazing.  She saw this on Pinterest, and when one of neighbors put this old ladder in the trash we rescued it.  I then cut the other half off which got turned into a blanket holder.  All I did with this side it screw it into the wall of my garage and screw the pots to the ladder rungs.  We planted herbs in those pots so not only do we have more flowers, we also have a good place for herbs outside out back door that not only looks nice is very practical.

Pallet and scrap wood

Bike RackSeems like everyone has figured out how to turn wood pallets into just about anything. They even have books with the plans in them like Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Décor, Art, Gifts and more. I like to go with the internet search and figure out how to build what I find. The one site I’ve used a lot is Instructables, it’s like Google for the DIY person.

Scrap ShelfIf you can’t find pallets easy, free scrap lumber is around if you look for it, or just make sure you keep the scrap from other projects. I made this shelf from some extra pallet wood I had around and particle board someone was going to throw away that I had grabbed before the trash man.  It works great to hold all my extra pots in an otherwise unused space under my back stairs.

Misc. Stuff

Rain BarrelYou more than likely already seen my rain barrel’s. They were made from old 55 gallon barrels.  There’s also all the plastic planters that my wife’s flowers come in each year that I use for starting seeds.  There’s also the old hose I cut up for the rain barrels.  There’s always something you can reuse or repurpose.  Just remember that YouTube, Google, Amazon and I really like Instructables.

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