Power Probe III, The electical diagnostic tool everyone needs

Power Probe III, The electical diagnostic tool everyone needs

Power Probe III

PowerProbe III
The Power Probe III is the result of a test light, volt meter, and jumper leads mating.  It’s one of the simplest easiest ways to test multiple automotive electrical systems.  These things are incredibly handy.  This can be used for wiring trailer lights.  Testing power window circuits.  Checking fuel pump circuits.  Testing relays for function, along with relay circuits.  The list goes on for days.

Unlike a test light they won’t put a load on the circuit you are testing.  This can be an issue if you don’t understand this.  When the it tells you there is power in a circuit it doesn’t guarantee that there is enough amperage to power your load.  The nice thing is if you suspect you have high resistance then you can power the circuit with the Power Probe.

What Can It Do

The Power Probe III is so versatile anyone who works on car electrical wiring should have one.  It can:

  • Continuity Tester
  • Relay and component tester
  • Works on 12-24v Sources
  • Bad ground indicator
  • short circuit indicator
  • Continuity tester
  • Relay tester
  • Power any 12V Load
  • Ground components

Power Probe IV


PowerProbe IVAs if the Power Probe III wasn’t good enough the guys at Power Probe upped their came and came out with the Power Probe IV.  It still does all the same things that the Power Probe III does.  Plus you get a digital Volt and Ohmmeter for circuit testing.  Large Color LCD Screen with Easy to Navigate User Menu.  There’s AC-RMS, AC Peak to Peak, Frequency and Pulse Width for signal testing.  There is a Fuel Injector tester for easy circuit diagnosis.  The best is that it can supply PCM/ECM Driver voltage for testing computer driver circuits.   Power Probe really out did themselves with this. 


If you do any sort of automotive electrical repair, you need to buy a Power Probe.  Whether you buy the Power Probe III or Power Probe IV is a personal choice.  Not owning one is asking to not have the right tool for the job.  With the amount of time it will save you, it’s worth every penny you spend to get your own.

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