No Fear

No Fear

Have No Fear

For those of you old enough to remember, people used put NO FEAR stickers on everything.  I never really understood the meaning behind, usually I just figured they thought it made their car faster or something stupid like that.  After many recent events in the world I say we bring those stickers back with a new a meaning.

When I started this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t get all political but I’m sorry I’ve got to get this out.

With the recent mass shootings, everyone is calling for something to be done, to prevent future shootings.  Many people are calling for more restrictive gun laws.  Others are calling for a war against ISIS.  Many are wanting Muslims to leave the country.  All of these “solutions” are only warranted by fear.

Every time a tragedy happens people get scared.  However, you are more likely to die in a car wreck then a mass shooting.  Here is an article that proves you are more likely to get struck my lightly than killed in a mass shootings. This shows just how unlikely you are to be murdered in the United States.


I get it no one wants so see anyone get killed.  You don’t even hear about every murder just the ones close to you or mass murders. Those are enough to scare a person and make them live in fear, if you let it.

I’ll be the first to admit, it scares me. It is so easy for someone intent on killing to be at any some places I go.  I know its highly unlikely but that doesn’t make it less scary.  The only thing I can now do to help this fear is know it’s unlikely to happen.  Every time there’s another mass murder it’s makes it harder to believe, it won’t happen to me.

This is why, I suggest we go back to that old cheesy stickers that say “no fear”. This will help use remember it’s not likely to happen to use no matter what the media makes us think.  I know a sticker won’t prevent a murder.  Neither will more restrictions on guns, weapons, or anything else.  Criminals do what it takes to get the job done even breaking laws.  So many people are willing to give up theirs and other people’s freedom for a chance at a false sense of security.

Instead we need to live in “No Fear”.  Instead of limiting people’s freedom  we need to do things that will actually help prevent these tragedies.  The big question is what?  While, taking other people’s rights away may seem the logical way to “do something”, it’s not.

The reality is, it starts with the person.  Put your phone down in public.  It’s hard to see the guy walking through the mall looking nervous, in a jacket when it’s 100 degrees outside if you’re looking at the latest Facebook post.  Watch people when your out and about you’ll get a vibe from some people and you’ll know if maybe it’s time to leave .

If just paying attention isn’t enough for you to get over your fears, then maybe some sort of self-defense class will help.  I know self-defense isn’t going to stop a bullet but it may help you avoid one.

The last option, is getting your own firearm and training to go with it.  I’m not suggesting you JUST go buy a gun.  Every gun owner who chooses to carry it should have training.  They should also train regularly.  If that’s not something you want to do please don’t buy a firearm.  Just owning a gun is no better for you than not having a gun.  You must know how to use it, so get training.  Ask yourself could you truly harm another person to save yours or a loved ones life.  If you can’t then don’t buy a gun. Don’t ask that someone else not own a gun because you can’t see using one.  Everyone needs to be their own person. Leave it up to the person about what they are willing to do if need be.

Having “No Fear” is not an easy task.  For our nation to survive these tragedies and come out stronger, we need to be brave, we need to work together and not blame each other, we need to HAVE NO FEAR.

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