Why The Man Cave?

Why The Man Cave?

Today as I was cleaning up my garage after my wife moved things around so she could fit her car in the garage the other night to protect it from a hail storm, I realized why “The Man Cave” has become so popular recently.  I understand that most guys can’t afford the 100″ flat screen full 7.2 Dolby stereo pool table, and fully stocked bar, however every man needs his Man  Cave.

Everyone needs their own space that they can escape to when they need private time.  Men are the worst about this, that’s why they have their fishing spot, or their car, their garage, or “the man cave”.  History will tell you men have always needed to be King of their Castle, however with the women’s rights and equality of the sex’s the feeling of being the King of the Castle has slowly gone away.  Mariage is a partnership these days.  Before anyone gets mad I’m not trying to be sexist.  Just stating that man for centuries have ruled and now they are partners, this is a good thing but you can’t curb centuries  of tradition in a few short decades without a few men having problems.  Even if they don’t understand why they need to have a place that is theirs and theirs alone it’s still in their breeding.  Kind of like how a fish just knows to swim up stream to span, or some dogs can find their way home over thousands of miles.

So why the Man Cave?  Well that’s another problem.  A few years ago most men just went out to the garage when they needed to get away for awhile, or maybe their shop if they where lucky.  Now days the garage is used for storage for everything from the kids bikes, sporting equipment, and pretty much anything that can’t fit in the house.  So it’s really hard to have enough space to go sit at your work bench look at your tools and act like you are fixing something while drinking a beer and listening to the game on the radio.  Houses don’t really have front porches anymore, and women like to sit on the back deck also.  Almost every spare space in a home has become multipurpose now days.  Heck my “reloading room” is also the laundry area and basement entry at my house.

With homes being built with so much space savings in mind and general purpose use, it’s no wonder why the Man Cave has become popular.  The only question is does it make more sense to reserve a whole room for the all the man toys and equipment or just understand that a man needs to feel like he is control a his own space.  If your a man take back your garage put the kids bikes and toys in a shed, put up some pictures you like in your house, make it yours and yours wife’s castle.  If your a women understand that a man needs he’s space let him have more than just a small room in the basement where he spends months worth of pay checks to make it what he wants, then try’s to keep the rest of the family out.  For those of you with Man Cave envy just remember most likely that man cave is the owners only space he really has control over and I don’t know about any one else but I want to own a castle and not just a really fancy cave.


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