How to jump-start a car

How to jump-start a car

Dead battery

So your car doesn’t start and you think you have a dead battery.  Looks like it’s time to get out the jumper cables you keep in your car, and jump-start your car.  Maybe getting the jumper cables isn’t your first step.  If your car doesn’t crank there are plenty of causes.  However you have to start somewhere.  Jumping your car is a good start.   If you hook up your jumper cables correctly, you won’t cause any more damage.  Even when you have a fully charged battery correctly hooked up cables won’t damage anything.

Since you already carry jumper cables in your car. The first thing you have to find is another good battery.  It’s not hard to find someone who is will to help you. What’s hard to find is people who carries jumper cables.  Make sure when asking someone for help they know you have cables.

Let’s start

You have a set of jumper cables, your car, another car with a good battery, you can start.  Car Battery1First thing, is find your battery, most likely it’s under the hood.  However can check the owners  manual you keep in your car.  The next thing find the positive post on the dead battery so you can hook the jumper cable to it.  All batteries are labeled with either POS, NEG, +,- or all the these.  Most of the times you may have to wipe off the battery a bit it so the label next to the battery posts.  The posts will be different sized with the positive post being the bigger around of the two.

Dead Battery Positive  Attach the red clamp of your jumper cables to the positive on the dead battery first.  Then attach the other red clamp to the positive post of the good battery. Then attach the black cable to the negative post on the good battery.  Go back to the car with the dead battery and attach the black cable to a good ground.  Ground ClampIt’s not advised to use the negative post on the battery.  You can usually find a place on the engine that will work.  Make sure you wiggle the cable a bit to make sure that you have a good connection with the metal.  Since many engines have grease or rust of them that may inhibit a good connection.  You can also use one of the strut tower nuts.  Most front wheel drive car have struts and they are usually close to the car’s battery.

Crank it up

Now that you have your cables hooked up all you have to do is start the car with the good battery wait a couple of minutes to charge the dead car’s battery and attempt to start your car.  If your car now turns over slowly but doesn’t start give it a few more minutes and try again.  After a few attempts at cranking your engine if you haven’t gotten your car started you can try wiggling the cables to get a better connection or most likely you will need to start thinking about calling a tow truck or other means of getting your car started.

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