The Future of Cars looks bright?

The Future of Cars looks bright?

The Future of Cars

In 1908 Henry Ford produced the Model T.  The first production car in the United States.  It was built to be inexpensive and reliable for the masses.  Since then countless cars have been produced.  We have gone for a car that barely has one head light to cars that light up the road like day light.  In 1908 if you had told any one that they could have a car that traveled at 75 MPH and could drive over 300 miles on one tank of gas they’d have been laughed at you.  Now days you wouldn’t even think of buying a car with a top speed of 25 MPH.  The changes to the cars in last 100 plus years is amazing.  One can only guess what will happen to the future of cars.

Self Driving Cars

Future of CarsLike it or not self driving cars are the future of cars.  Tesla already has it as an option on their high end cars.  When they started it was more of an autopilot for when you where on the highway.  Now it’s gotten better and the technology is there, to plug in your destination on the GPS and it will drive you.

Current Laws

Of course most of the states that will allow driverless cars have made laws about them.  Most of these laws require that there be a driver behind the wheel of the car.  It must be set up for the driver to take over at a moments notice.  This is for safety.  On a side note.  You can still get a DWI if you are drunk behind the wheel of a driverless car. Of course who knows the future of cars could prevent DWI, as the car will drive for you.


With driverless car technology getting better exponentially.  It can be safe to assume the future of cars will eliminate the need for a steering wheel or controls in cars.  In fact, labeled as a safty feature it will end up being a government requirement to have every car as driverless.  This is the future of cars.

Currently, driverless cars use a type of radar or video cameras to determine what’s going on around the car.  Coupled with GPS and a lot of computer programming they can drive safely without human input.

A few bugs left

As the technology is still in its beginning stages there are going to be a few problems. Things that people didn’t think to program into the computer.  Such as Tesla using a camera only system.  To which the computer couldn’t tell the difference between a white semi trailer and a white skyline.  This little oops cost someone their life as they weren’t watching the road.  Trusting the car was driving.  Going forward Tesla has fixed this problem.

Car Sharing

Leasing cars have become pretty popular in the last few years.  As people have decided they will always have a car payment so why not make sure they have a new car every couple of years to go with the payment.  This way of thinking will eventually lead to the idea of car sharing.  You pay a monthly payment and get to pick whatever car you need for however long you need it.

If you need a truck for the weekend you tell the company you need a truck they come can switch out the car you are driving with a truck.  Then when you are done with it you get a different vehicle.  This of course will work great for many people.  As your payment will include taxes, licensing, insurance, everything but gas.  With one simple monthly payment.  You won’t even have to pay for maintenance as it will all be taken care of for you.

Driverless Car Sharing

Future of CarsOnce driverless cars become common place you may even find that you don’t own or pay for a car.  Instead you pay rides from a driverless car.  Think about it like Uber without the driver.  You’d have an app on your phone.  You could even set up a schedule of all your events you need rides to.  The car would be there waiting for you when you need it.  No worries about a cold car in the winter, or hot in the summer.  The car would just be waiting for you, to take you where ever you want.  The best part is you’d only pay for the miles you have been driven.

Flying Cars?

Flying cars have been a dream of people for decades.  Even back in the 1950’s people thought about them.  The problem has always been how to make them safe.  When quadcopter and driverless car technology it is possible to have flying cars.  Right now the biggest hurdle to flying cars is making them financially viable. There are already life-size quadcopters that can carry one person short distances.   The problem is people aren’t going to spend more money on a flying care then it costs for a high dollar luxury car.  Not without some major benefits.  At present moment you’d have the price tag of the car, then you’d need a pilots license, and be regulated by numerous government agencies.  Just to use your over priced flying car.

Give it 20 to 50 years and there will be a need for flying cars.  Even with driverless cars, and less traffic because of them.   Roads will be too congested and the best option will be flying cars.

Is change good?

For over 100 years people have been driving cars themselves.  Of course there have been accidents.  There have been automobile deaths.  The question is does letting a machine think for you really make you safer.  That’s a hard question to answer.  As these driverless cars are programmed by humans.  Not ever situation can be planned for.  Many of these new features will make driving easier.  Driverless cars will of course eliminate most human error.  The problem is eventually people will forget how to operate a car.  They won’t know how to drive.  Which as long as the technology is working won’t be a problem.  It’s when something goes wrong and you have to drive manually that there will be a big problem.  So enjoy driving while you can.  Love the car culture while it exists, and enjoy traveling without having to drive when you can.

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