Making your own Fire Starter

Making your own Fire Starter


Fire starters are the easiest way to get your camp fire going.  You can buy them and there is lots to choose from. The Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares, 144-Square from Amazon is just one example.

The problem with buying a fire starter is you are burning money.  You can always go with only using kindling, or you can use a liquid fuel.  The best way to start a fire with one match is to your own fire starter.

Home Made Firestarters

Egg Cartoon

The simplest way I’ve found to make your own fire starter uses only 3 simple things.  A paper container, wax of your choosing, and dryer lint.   Since my family buys eggs in the cardboard containers I used them. If you want you can small paper cups or cupcake liners or whatever you choose that will hold the lint and wax.

Dryer Lint

The next thing you need is dryer lint, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone that does their own laundry.  You can use sawdust if you have that, even pulled apart yarn.  It’s really just something for the wax to use as a wick.


The wax I used was a combination of used Scentsy wax and crayons.  The only reason I did this was because it’s what I had.  Our family doesn’t burn scented candles any more after an incident with one that could have turned out really bad.  I also looked at prices of buying wax and decided I wasn’t going to save any money if I bought wax.  You can use any wax you want though, old candles, canning wax doesn’t really matter.  I added crayon wax because my kids had buckets of old broken crayons laying around and it was better than throwing them out.

Making The Firestarter

Now that you have all the materials the fun part begins. Place the drying lint in the egg cartons.  You just want enough to fill the hole up, not packed too tight but really you can’t mess it up so don’t worry.   Then you melt the wax, so you can pour it over the lint in the cartons.

The proper way to do this is with a double boiler on your stove and warm the wax with the hot water.  I don’t have a double boiler and holding a torch up to melt wax and let it drip on to the lint was boring and took to long.  So I did a crazy thing and heated the wax in a microwave.  Put it in for a short time look at it and then keep slowly heating for a little longer until it is fully melted.  If you aren’t comfortable using a microwave you can always use a metal soup can on your grill, just make sure you keep the heat down so you don’t catch the wax on fire.

Fire starters waiting for the wax to cool

Once your wax is good an melted all you have to do is pour it over the dryer lint.  Try and pour enough to cover the lint.  I found out the hard way you have to be careful not to pour too much, too quickly or the wax will bleed through and run out the bottom.  This really isn’t a problem but it can make a mess, especially if your doing it on a glass top stove.  Cleaning up wax isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Ready to light fire starter

Once the wax has cooled off and hardened up, you can cut the egg cartons apart.  Now you have 12-18 great fire starters that all you have to do is light the carton a little bit and get your fire started.  If you plan ahead it won’t cost you anything but time.



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