Practical Car Guy Gifts under $30

Practical Car Guy Gifts under $30

Great car guy gifts under $30

Trying to find a gift for the car guy in your life can be hard.  Especially if you aren’t a car person.  So here are a few great car guy gifts under $30.  Of course if you are a car guy maybe you should just buy yourself something special. Being a car guy means you deserve something nice every now and then.

Hand Cleaner

Hand CleanerAny true car guy will get his hands dirty every now and then.  Although permanently dirty  looking hands is a badge of honor to car guys.  It’s not always appreciated by those around them.  Thus having a great gritty hand cleaner that will cut through even the toughest grease and grime is a great thing to have.  Gojo is one of the best hand cleaners a car guy can have.  With the bonus of it smelling like oranges it even helps mask any lingering grease smell.


Flash lightWhen it comes to being around cars it never fails you need a flashlight to see into small areas.  Whether you’re working on the engine or looking for the lost cell phone under the seat.  Every car guy can use an extra flashlight.  Stream Light flash lights are some of the best made there is.  With the Stylus Pro being a small and yet very bright light it gives you lots of options of getting into tight places with it.  Not to mention making it easy to store in your already full glove box or center console. This one of the best car guy gifts for under $30.

Head Light Restoration Kit

Head light restoration kitThere is nothing that drives a car guy crazier than fogged over head lights.  They spend all that time washing and waxing their car just to have a haze on the headlights.  The Mothers kit can clean and polish many sets of headlights.  With the help of a cordless drill it takes almost no work and very little time.  Before you know it you have crystal clear and beautiful headlights that look just as bright as when the car was new.

LED Headlight Bulbs

LED LightbulbsLED headlights are the perfect gift under $30 for your car guy.  They are extremely bright and have a true white light that makes driving at night enjoyable.  The only downside to getting LED lights for your car guy is that you’ll need to know what kind of car they drive.  That way you can get the proper style of light to match their car.  However past that these Win Power lights are simple plug and play with a built in cooling fan to keep them running for a long time. Plus they give off the beautiful white light that many newer luxury car have without the price of new high-end car.


Blue Tooth FM Transmitter

Blue Tooth FM TransmitterIf your car guy doesn’t drive a new car the chances are he can’t connect his phone to the car’s stereo very easy.  Not without a Blue Tooth FM Transmitter like this one from Nulaxy.  With the great device you can plug it in to your power port.  Then tune your radio to an unused station and you have multiple ways to broadcast your music from your phone over your radio.  You have connect via Blue Tooth, or 3.5 audio cable.  The best part is it also has a USB charging jack to you don’t have to choose between charging your phone or playing music.  If you really get creative you can load music onto an SD car and play it directly from the transmitter.  All around a great gift for anyone that doesn’t have a stereo in their car that makes it easy to play music from their phone.

Jumper Cables

Anyone can always use an extra set of jumper cables.  In fact having a set in each vehicle and a spare at home is a good idea.  That way no matter where you are, you have a set.  Plus an extra if your neighbor needs to borrow a set.  Having a set like these ones from Youngsun is perfect.  They are 4 gauge giving you ample current handling ability.  Plus the clamps have an extended piece making it easy to jump side post batteries.  Which can be hard to do otherwise. The best part is they come with a bag making it easy to store in your car.


First Aid Kit

First Aid KitIt may not sound like it, but a first aid kit is one of the perfect car guy gifts under $30.  It never fails car guys cut or scrape their hands around cars.  Most of the time they don’t realize it till after they’ve done it.  While a paper towel and electrical tape seems logical to most. Having a band aid or other first aid stuff is better.  As you can never be to safe, you can never have to many first aid kits.  One in every car, the garage, and of course your bathrooms.  Making a first aid kit the perfect gift.


All links in this post are Amazon Affiliates.  If any items are purchased through these links they will help support this blog.  That said the author has used each of these items or similar items and endorses them.  However if you find them at a better price else where they are still suggested you purchase them as gifts for a car guy.  As they are not about making this blog money.  This article is to help you find Gifts Under $30 for a Car Guy.  

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