$40 or less, camping gear you should own.

$40 or less, camping gear you should own.

Camping Gear You Should Own

If you’ve camped for any length of time you know that the camping gear you bring with you can make or break a camp out.  The problem is when you go camping space is limited.  You can’t bring everything and the kitchen sink.  Unless you camp with an RV then bring what ever you want.  For the rest of us, space is usually limited.

So the camping gear supply industry has a gadget for everything.  You can literally spend thousands on the newest a greatest camping gear, that will save you time, and space, while weighing next to nothing.  You can buy titanium sporks that weight only a few ounces.  There are portable showers, and whole kitchens with ovens specifically for camping.  But what do you really need and how much so you really have to spend?

Listed below are just a few of the thousands of things that will make your life easier when camping.  Every one of these are less than $40 and most being far cheaper than that.  All links to the products are affiliated links. If you choose to buy from these links you will be helping out the blog.  However, if you find the same or better products else where for a better price do what’s best for you.  This article is to help you have a better time camping.

Charcoal Chimney

If you’ve ever spent any length of time trying to get charcoal lite you know how much fun it can be.  Especially when you use charcoal for your Dutch Oven.  With a charcoal chimney all you have to do is pour you charcoal in the top put so paper underneath and light it.  With in 10 minutes you have charcoal ready for cooking with.  You don’t have to worry about the big flames or smell of lighter fluid.  There’s not hot spots where only a few coals are lite and the others are cold.  Everything ready in just a few minutes.

Dutch Oven Lid Holder and Lifter

Over the years people have used just about everything to lift the lid off a Dutch Oven.  Gloves work but they get bulky.  Pliers are pretty common but they can get hot if you don’t have a big par.  What you really want is a Dutch Oven lid lifting tool.  These work great and secure the lid so you don’t drop it.

Once you have the lid off your next problem is where to put it.  Setting it in the dirt is a sure fire way to get dirt in your food.  Flipping it over means you’ll lose your coals.  What you want is a lid stand.  These allow you set your lid down without getting it dirty.  Keep your coals on the lid, and use both hands for whatever your doing in the Dutch Oven.

Chain Mail Scubbers

Most of the time all you have to do is wipe your cast iron off with a paper towel.  The problem is when you get it really dirty.  This is where the chain mail scrubbers come in.  They work as good as steel wool, without the worry of leaving steel fibers on your cast iron.  The best part is they are fully reusable.  A little bit of hot water and they they clean right up.

Hammock and Straps

Hammocks are one of the most relaxing things to take a nap in or just read a book in.  If you camp to relax you know having a hammock is great.  The problem is you don’t always have to trees the exact right distance apart to sit one up.  Which used to mean long ropes or you went without your hammock.  Unless you brought a hammock stand which took up lots of space.

Now days you can buy simple straps that go around trees and give lots of options to hang your hammock.  They have multiple loops to clip a parachute hammock to.  These straps give you options of finding two trees that are spaced anywhere from 12’ to 20’ apart.  With these distances setting up your hammock is easy.  Giving you a great place to take a r lacing nap or just chill and enjoy a beautiful day.


Many people take a tarp with them camping.  This is almost always put under the tent to keep your tent floor dry.  However having a couple of spare tarps is a good idea.  You can always put one over the top of your tent as a great rain fly.  They work great for keeping your firewood dry, supplies dry and shielded from sun.  In a pinch you can even make a tent out of them.  Always have an extra tarp when camping.

Hammer and Steel Stakes

If you tent camp long enough eventually you will bend or lose the tent stakes that come with most tents.  Many people go out a replace them with plastic stakes.  These work great if you only use them in warm weather and replace them ever few years.  Otherwise the get hard and brittle and break.  No one wants to worry about that.  So the best thing you can do is buy heavy duty metal tent stakes.  They will give you piece of mind your tent isn’t going any where.

The next best thing to having heavy duty tent stakes is a hammer to go with them.  A small claw hammer will not only let you drive them into hard ground but the claw will let you pull them out.


Flashlight are great, but when you want light to work by at night you really need a lantern.  The old school gas lanterns are great and everyone should have one.  The problem with these are they don’t go in your tent.  They take a while to light when you need light right now.  Worst is dealing with broken mantles when you need light.  Battery powered lanterns take care of all these problems and take up less space when packing for a trip.


Sleeping on the ground is fine when your young.  The older you get the less it’s comfortable.  No one wants to wake up after a night of sleeping out doors with a sore back .  This is where a cot comes in real handy.  You could use an air mattress but they get leaks and deflate.  So having a nice portable cot gets you if the ground and lets you get a good nights sleep so you enjoy your day out in nature.

Small Rake and broom

Almost no one thinks of bringing a rake or broom camping.  Why would you it’s nature.  However,  think about racking up the leaves and twigs from under tent so you don’t run the risk of sleeping in something funny, or ripping your tarp or tent bottom.

Having a small broom is very handy for keeping the inside of your tent clean.  Not everyone takes their shoes off every single time they enter a tent.  Thus tents can get a bit of dirt into them.  Having a broom makes it really easy to clean this up.

Battery Fans

You can only do so much to keep cool in the summer.  So when tent camping having a battery fan is almost a must.  No matter how many screens your tent has it seems you can never get enough breeze through the tent to cool you off.  At least not and still have some privacy.  Thus having a small fan is a must.

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