Camp Chef Dutch Oven

Camp Chef Dutch Oven

Camp Chef Dutch Oven

The Camp Chef Dutch Oven is great for the money.  They come in various sizes from 10″ 12″ and 14″.  The 12″ Dutch Oven is what Goldilocks was looking for.  Not to big and not too small.  It’s just right for you and your families needs while camping.

When you buy it, you’ll notice it comes with a tool for lifting the lid.  This means no having to use your pliers, or buying a lid lifting tool.  Even though you may never use it, it also has a thermometer channel for using a thermometer to check the temperature.  You’ll notice that it has feet on the extra deep lid.  This great feature allows you to use lid as pan to cook on.  This in fact gives you two cooking pieces instead of one.  Yet again making this Dutch Oven a great value for the money.

There are plenty of other 12″ Dutch Oven’s on the market.  Such as the Lodge 12″ Dutch Oven.  However they are more expensive.  The other thing is the Camp Chef Dutch Oven is deeper and thus gives you more room to cook.  In fact you go from an 8 quart capacity to 9 1/3- Quarts with Camp Chef.  This of course means you not only spend $10 less, you get 1-1/3 Quarts more.

From experience it can be said that this Camp Chef Dutch Oven is a joy to own.  It was easy to season.  The feet on the lid let’s you not only cook with the lid, but makes setting the lid down without getting dirt in your food.  The extra depth means you don’t have to worry about your cobbler getting stuck to you lid.

If you are in the market for a Dutch Oven, or just thinking of getting a spare, this Oven is highly recommended.  Any  Dutch Ovens from Camp Chef are worth every penny you spend on them.

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