2017 Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

With 2017 starting in a few weeks I’ve been thinking of what I want to change next year.  Like almost every year my 2017 Resolutions will be to lose weight, get healthier, and make more money.  As with past years I really don’t expect to accomplish any of these goals long term.  Which got me wondering why to do I set the same goals ever year expecting different results?  Isn’t this the definition of insanity?

I really don’t want to think myself insane.  So the question is what do I really want that weight lose, better health, and more money will get me?  If truth be told weight lose is more to make myself feel better about myself.

Why do I need to feel better about myself?  Doesn’t everyone want to feel better about their self?  However is there ways of feeling better about myself without the worry of I’m not losing weight?  Sure there are.  So this leads me to what else makes me feel good?  Truth be told spending time with my family. Being able to teach my son new things. Seeing my daughter mature, and time with my wife.

So why the need to be healthier?  So I can live longer and spend more time with my family.  The problem is what quality of life do I get to spend with my family if I’m obsessed about what I eat and drink?  I’m convinced no sane person ever said “I love the taste of Kale”.  I’ll either go back to being unhealthy and upset because I’ve failed, or forget why I’m really doing this.  Neither of these will help and thus why I never truly accomplish this goal.

Which leaves more money for last.  I already work 3 jobs I get paid for. Plus 2 more I don’t.  I also have the most important job of all I feel like I’m failing at, being a parent.  So I question do I really need more money to buy my kids computers so they can learn the things I should be teaching them?  Not in the least.  I should be the one teaching things.  How do I do that without making more money in less time.  The reality is I don’t.  I need to change my priorities to spend less money, and spend more time with my family.

In short my goals for every year fail because I’m not honest with myself.  What I truly want, and suspect everyone wants is to be happy with the people they love.  As we are all planning our New Years Resolutions  take a look at what you truly want, and always be honest with yourself.


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