Save yourself money spent more money up front.

Save yourself money spent more money up front.

Saving Money

It’s seems these days people are doing everything they can to save money.  This includes buying cheap.  Searching for the least expensive repair options.  Spending hours on the internet to save a few cents on their purchases.  The problem is all of this work to save a few penny’s usually ends up costing many dollars in the long run.  Everyone seems to have forgotten you get what you pay for.  In the grand scheme you rarely save money by buying cheap.

New and Used Cars

It’s been said whether you buy a new car or used car you’ll pay the same in the long run.  The less you spend on a car the more you will eventually spend on repairs.  If your decide you want to own $500 cars get ride of them as soon as they need repairs you can beat this.  However, who wants to drive beater cars the rest of their life?

The alternative is a brand new car which is under warranty.  With a new car they deprecate so quickly.  In fact the money you lose in depreciation is more than the money you spend on repairs of a used car.

Your best bet is to spend the money on the newest used car you can.  You won’t have as many repairs on a low mileage car and someone already paid for the depreciation.

Automotive Parts

Auto parts and repair are expensive.  Every day people spent hours calling around to find the cheapest way to fix their car.  Yet again you get what you pay for.  If you don’t want squeaky brakes that don’t last spend the money for quality.  You may save $100 on a cheap rebuilt alternator.  When it goes out in 6 months while you are on vacation, you haven’t saved any money or time.  It’s possible to save over $500 on a catalytic converter by buying an aftermarket one.  However when your check engine light doesn’t go out that’s a problem.  If the new sensor you bought goes out and takes your PCM with it.  You have just cost yourself more money than if you’d bought a higher dollar one to start.  If you’re not sure about what a good part is ask a trusted mechanic.

Camping Equipment

Camping equipment is one place you can save money.  Cast Iron basically all the same when it comes to function.  Most of the time you are either paying for the name or pre-seasoning.  Since you are going to burn the factory seasoning off any way if it’s cheaper to buy it in seasoned do it.  Tents are another place to save money. You just need one big enough to be comfortable.  If it keeps you dry you’ll be happy.  Do your research on the right design.  Once you’ve found what works there isn’t enough difference between a two tents that look the same to warrant any extra price.  Tent stakes get lost, tent poles get broke.  They are all replaceable so don’t pay extra for a tent with nice ones.  Tents are solely about what works for you so purchase what works for not what’s cheapest or most expensive.


Purchasing a firearm is rarely a cheap thing.  However some people look to the internet for deals.  There is nothing wrong with this.  The problem is you must save enough money to cover shipping and handling, plus the FFL transfer fees.  That rarely happens.  The biggest problem with buying on the internet to save a few dollars is you miss the service.  A good firearm dealer will not only sale you a gun.  They will help you get the right gun.  The time they spend talking to you, and making sure you know about the gun your buying can be priceless.  There really is no price that can be put on the time a dealer spends with their customers.  So before you try to save money by ordering online, find a good dealing and talk to them.  Having a good relationship with a gun shop is always worth more than saving a few dollars.


Not matter what your purchase buying on the cheap rarely gets you what you want.  In general if your goal is to save the most money it always comes with a sacrifice.   Whether that is quality, functionality, or just plain service, it usually costs more than you expect even when you think you are getting the best deal.  So remember you get what you pay for.  Ask yourself when you buy something what am I paying for and what do I really want, if they don’t equal up then spend a few extra dollars and get what does.

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