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After working 50-60 hours a week for the first 8 years of my son’s life I missed out on a lot of quality time with my kids.  Now I’ll never say I’m father of the year material and being a Cub Scout leader for my Son’s Cub Scout den has giving me some time with him, it’s not the same as quality time one on one.  So this last weekend I decided it was time my son got over his fear of guns.

I’ve been teaching my kids gun safety since they were old enough understand there are guns in my house, but I may have gone a little over board, my son has been scared of actually shooting guns. I’m all for kids having fear of guns, it helps them to respect how dangerous a gun can be and why they aren’t play toys.  The thing is my son was a little to scared and I needed to help him over that fear.  So after going through all the safety rules at the gun range and making sure he had ear plugs, safety glasses and the range was clear I brought out the .22 rifle.  I could get my son to look through the scope and hold the rifle but he was really scared of me turning the safety off.  It took a lot of talking and me showing him that there was nothing to be scared of as long as you follow all the gun safety rules.  With more patience then I’m used to and a little time he was ready to try to shoot the rifle himself.  It was a proud day in this fathers eyes when I saw the look on his face after he realized that his fears were far worse than reality.  I was even happier when I saw hisCTarget first target.  I realize it was only 25 yards and with a .22, but for a first time I’m happy and he about jumped for joy when he saw that according to him he almost hit the bull’s-eye.

I know that was sort of a long story to get to my point but here it is.  Never put off spending time with your kids.  The first time I took my son to the gun range a few years ago the sound was to much for him and it kind of ruined the range trip for me so I’ve been putting it off since.  I’m not sure what changed this weekend but not only am I glad I took him, but he wants to go back.  Which makes me a happy father.  So don’t let a bad experience stop you from doing stuff you want to do with your kids.  Teach your kids early and often, and remember as much as you tell you children to have patience you are going to need it even more than they are.

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