3 Most Common Types Pocket Knives

3 Most Common Types Pocket Knives

Now that you know about the best knife sharpeners, it is a good time to look at the three most common types of  pocket knives.  The first thing to consider before you buy a pocket knife is what your local laws are.  In Nebraska any knife with a blade over 3-1/2″ is considered a weapon and thus can’t be concealed.  There are other places that assisted opening knives are illegal so check local laws first.

Blade Types

When it comes to folding style pocket knives there are three basic style blades. Of course there is always exceptions and odd balls.  When looking for your basic pocket knife to carry everyday stick with the basics.

Drop Point

The most common blade type is a drop point blade.  Like this knife the edge is sharp on one side curving up to the point.  The other side is flat and drops to the point.  This blade is a general purpose blade good for control and strength.



Tanto Point

The Tanto Point blade has a straight blade that angles at the tip.  This blade is designed for strength.  It’s also good for push cuts and piercing cuts.  If you are cutting tough material and not looking at slicing cuts, this is the knife for you.  With the simple two angles it makes sharpening the blade simple with a wet stone.


Most of the times serrated blades are combines with another type of blade.  This gives you half and half.  The serrated blade is great for pull cuts through tough material.  I have used mine many times for rubber hoses.  EMT’s carry them to cut through seat belts and heavy-duty straps.  A serrated blade is they are very hard to sharpen.

 Not a Knife

Many people carry a folding utility knives like a pocket knife.  The great thing about this is that the use a standard utility knife blade.  As soon as you dole one blade you can flip the blade around or replace it.  These are great when cutting a lot of cardboard or other materials that dole a blade quickly. It is not considered a pocket knife even though many people carry them in their pockets.


In conclusion you must have to make the final decision on what pocket knife works best for you.  It’s best to pick the one that is best for the jobs you’ll be doing the most.  If you cut a lot of boxes get a utility knife.  Cutting ropes, webbing, or rubber it’s a good idea to have a serrated blade.  When you just want an all around good knife then your standard drop point pocket knife is perfect.  The biggest thing to remember is use the right tool for the right job and always keep your knifes sharp.

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