What Knife Sharpener to use

What Knife Sharpener to use

Knife Sharpener

Whether you just have kitchen knives or carry a knife every day of your life for work and pleasure, you need to keep them sharp.  The more a knife gets used the duller it becomes and everyone knows that a dull knife is a dangerous knife.  Short of personal stupidity you are very unlikely to cut yourself with a sharp knife.  How then do you keep your knives sharp?  You need a knife sharpener, and there are plenty of options.

Wet Stone

Your basic wet stone is a great way to keep your knives sharp.  There are so many different types of stones with different grits. A basic dual grit stone will work for most cases.  You’ll start with the more course side until it is sharp then use the fine side to polish the blade.  Wet stones take some serious talent and practice to get a good edge on a blade.  It is very easy to make a knife worse with a wet stone if you are not careful.  If you just want to quickly sharpen you knife this may not be the best option.  There is an easier version of the wet stone.  With these types of stones you move the stones instead of the knife.  With the knife locked in and the stones set at the right angle it takes far less skill to get a sharp knife.  There is still one down side to this style of wet stone.  It takes a good amount of time to get a dull knife sharp.

Carbide Sharpener

Carbide Sharpener are by far the easiest way to sharpen a knife.  They are also very safe with very little chance of you cutting yourself.  The problem with these sharpeners is they take a lot of metal off your knife blade.  If you sharpen your knife more than a few times a year, you will soon find yourself needing a new knife.  You can actually see the metal shavings when you use a sharpener like this.  Most people don’t like the idea of taking that much metal off their expensive knife blades.  There is one last type of sharpener.

Belt Sharpener

The belt sharpener is by far the best, and quickest way to sharpen any knife.  With practice you can consistently putting razor sharp edges on a knifes in less than 2 minutes.  This sharpener will not only sharpen knives it will do anything that needs sharpening.  From scissors all the way up to lawn mower blades.

There are only a couple of down falls to the Work Sharp knife sharpener.  The biggest down fall is the cost.  At almost $70 it’s nearly as cheap at the other options.  With time being money, as quick and easy as this makes knife sharpening it’s worth every penny.

The other problem with the Work Sharp is if you aren’t careful you can take too much metal off your blade.  For most people you won’t have a problem as long as they follow directions.  Unlike the carbide sharpeners you have control over how much you remove when sharpening your knife

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