Lets gun proof your children instead of kid proof our guns

Lets gun proof your children instead of kid proof our guns

‎Gun Proof  your children

There’s been a big push recently on making sure children are safe from guns.  Doctors are lecturing parents with guns on how they need to store them locked in safes so the children can’t get to them.  The news media is pointing out every single time a child is injured with a firearm.  There has even been talk of laws against parents who let their children get a hold of firearms.  None of this is particularly bad.  Maybe just excessively cautious. Instead of child proofing your guns we need to gun proof your children.  Everyone needs to know gun safety, especially our children.

The four gun rules

In today’s society a person can’t get away with putting the fear of God into their kids like they could 20 years ago. So how do you teach your children about guns?  You must gun proof your children.

The best way to do this is teach our children the 4 basic gun laws.

  • All guns are always loaded. (Treat them so!)
  • Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target (and you have made the decision to shoot).
  • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Start teaching your children these as soon as they are old enough to see your firearms.

Take them shooting

As soon as your kids are old enough, bring them to the range.  Follow all the range safety rules.  Always have them wear hearing and eye protection.  Just because they aren’t big enough to shot a gun doesn’t mean they can’t learn to respect one. Start them out learning the safety rules with Nerf Guns.  If you are lucky enough that your city hasn’t banned them, an Air Soft in the back yard.  Start them small and let them enjoy shooting.

Hunters Education

When your kids are 11 enroll them in a hunters education class.  It is understandable that they may never hunt.  You may not be a hunter.  However, hunter education is more than just how to hunt.  It’s about being safe with fire arms.  Hunter education also teaches wild life conservation.  Which is everyone’s responsibility hunter or not.

Teach respect

Beyond the four basic gun rules, teach your kids respect.  When a child respects a firearm it’s easy for them to follow the rules.  If they see it as a toy they will treat one like a toy.  However it’s more than just respect for firearms.  Your child needs respect for other people’s property.  When they have respect for others property they will be less likely to touch things that are not theirs.

Lock your guns up

Lock your guns up.  Even when you are 100% sure your children will never touch your gun.  Just because you have gun proofed ‏your children, not everyone else has done the same.  No one wants to come home to find their child’s friend got a hold of their gun and accidentally shot their child.  Even the best kids in the world have bad days.  You would hate to spend the rest of your life knowing your gun was involved in someone else’s bad day.


Gun proof your children by teaching them firearm safety.  Give they all the knowledge they need to be safe around firearms.  The more knowledge your children have about firearms and the safe operation will prevent unintended accidents. Make sure you do everything I’m your power to prevent firearm accidents.  Including safe storage and handling.




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