CRKT Ignitor Knife

CRKT Ignitor Knife

CRKT Ignitor Pocket Knife

The CRKT Ignitor pocket knife is a great knife for every day carry.  To say this knife is a great all around knife is like saying that the Mona Lisa was an OK painting.  This knife has everything you could want in a pocket knife.  It even comes in a version with a serrated blade if you prefer that.  With it’s 7.5″ over all length it’s the perfect size, not to big, but long enough to get the job done.  The handle is conformable in most hands.  With the blade being 3.38″ it passes most state laws for not being a concealed weapon.  It also have a great balance between blade and handle making it easy to handle.

With the push button spring assist it isn’t cumbersome to open.  Even though it doesn’t have any extra safeties you don’t have to worry about it opening in your pocket.  You must press the button and push open before you can open the blade.   All this makes opening the blade with a slight push of thumb a piece of cake.

The blade is made of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with either a polished finish or a Titanium Nitride coating.  Either way the knife comes razor sharp and stays sharp.  In fact it’s sharp enough to field dress a deer without any worries.  The serrated blade will cut through rubber hoses like it’s butter.  If you ever dual this blade it can be sharpened back to razor sharp easily.


There are plenty of other pocket knifes on the market in this size.  You can pay more than $40 for a knife of this quality, but why.  When the CRKT Ignitor can be had for $39.  There plenty of pocket knifes that  are cheaper out there. With a cheaper knife you get what you pay for.   They don’t come close to the quality and price of this knife.  Go out and get yourself a CRKT Ignitor knife you won’t regret it.

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