Handgun Ammo

How to Start Reloading Ammo

How to start reloading ammo. How do you start reloading ammo?  To many people reloading ammo can be scary. The chances of doing something wrong and injuring yourself or your gun is there.  If you are careful you will never have a problem.  In fact you will end up enjoying reloading, as must as shooting … Read more


Project Appleseed

Project Appleseed You can’t write the story of America without including several chapters about the skill and bravery of our forefathers. On April 19, 1775, at Lexington and Concord, American colonists stood with muskets in hand and faced down the British forces that were trying to seize their arms. The colonists did it with grit, … Read more

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Handgun

7 Thing you should before Buying a Handgun There are plenty of things to think about when buying a handgun.  In fact there are some many things to consider you could read multiple books and know everything.  Here are just a few basic tips for buying a handgun. What will you use the gun for? … Read more

Save yourself money spent more money up front.

Saving Money It’s seems these days people are doing everything they can to save money.  This includes buying cheap.  Searching for the least expensive repair options.  Spending hours on the internet to save a few cents on their purchases.  The problem is all of this work to save a few penny’s usually ends up costing … Read more

Lets gun proof your children instead of kid proof our guns

‎Gun Proof  your children There’s been a big push recently on making sure children are safe from guns.  Doctors are lecturing parents with guns on how they need to store them locked in safes so the children can’t get to them.  The news media is pointing out every single time a child is injured with … Read more

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