Buying a used car

When do you buy a newer car?

When do you buy a new car? As a mechanic I got asked all the time, when do you buy a new car?  This is a tough question to answer.  There are very few reasons that you need to buy a new car.  However there are many reasons why you’d want a new car.  To … Read more

Check Engine Light

Why is my check engine light on?

The mystery of the check engine light. It’s amazing how much of a mystery the check engine light in a car can be, to many people.  With some people are not worried at all if it’s on, as long as the car runs. Other people have their car towed in to the shop the second … Read more

Required Automotive maintenance?

Required Automotive Maintenance Every repair and dealership will tell you, you have required automotive maintenance to do to your car.  Most people question just how necessary all this maintenance is?  Is it worth the money? The necessity of automotive maintenance depends on the type of car owner you are.  Those people who buy brand new … Read more

Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

How to prepare your car for a road trip

How to prepare your car for a road trip Every millions of people use their car to go on vacation.  Every summer you see at least one person on the side of the road with car problems.  So how do you prepare your car for  a road trip?  What is going to keep you from … Read more

Car Culture

What’s Happened to the US Car Culture?

Cars have been in available in the US for over a century.  The US car culture has been around almost as long.  However as of recently it seems to be dying out.  What is causing this decline of the US car culture?  Is there actually a decline in the US car culture?  There are many … Read more

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