You should build an AR-15 instead of buying one

You should build an AR-15 instead of buying one

There are lots of reasons to go a head and build an AR-15.  Cost savings is a big one, or better yet known as getting the biggest bang for your buck(pun not intended).  The fun of building a functional gun you get to enjoy for years to come. Best is the gained knowledge of the functionality and quality of the firearm you own.

Cost Savings

After you build your first AR-15 you may want to disagree on building an AR-15 actually saves you money.  However lets look at the cost of building an AR over just buying a cheap one.  If you go out and buy a $600 DPMS Oracle . You have a functional AR-15.  That you can go out the day you get it and shot it.  However you will eventually want to upgrade it. first thing most people do it get a new barrel guard.  Depending on what you want that’s anywhere from $50-$300. Then you are going to want to upgrade the trigger.  Triggers are anywhere from $50-400.  Of course once you have a new barrel guard and trigger you are going to want to upgrade the buttstock and pistol grip to match.  Most people go with Magpul for this which starts out at $40 for the stock and goes up usually costing around $60, with the pistol grips costing around $20.  Then you have a better barrel matched upper and lower and all sorts of things.  I’ll leave those out of cost because you go that far and you’ve built a new gun.

With all the standard upgrades people usually want.  A person can turn the cost of that $600 gun into $900.

Knowing the quality of the gun

When you ‎buy a gun from the store you get what you pay for.  The question is did you pay more for the hand guard than the barrel?   Did the manufacturer cut corners on the stuff that really matters,  like the BCG (bolt carrier group)?  Just because it says it’s mill spec doesn’t mean it’s high quality.  When you buy from a highly regarded manufacturer you still don’t know if it was made at 5 O’clock on a Friday.

Building your own gun gives you control over the quality of each part.  If you want to save money you can buy the cheapest parts around.  Even when you buy cheap you still have a say.   Unlike when you buy a complete rifle you don’t get a say in what parts are cheap.

How the rifle is assembled

We have all bought something that must have been built on a Friday at 5.  No matter what the reputation of a company there is always that one that got past quality control.  Do you want to chance that your AR-15 is one of those that is going to have problems?

Aside from knowing how the rifle was assembled.  You also gain the knowledge of exactly how your rifle works.  There is nothing better than being able to see how something works and knowing when there is a problem you can fix it easily.  It also takes away that fear many people have of disassembling their rifle to clean it.


Some people maybe asking is building your own gun legal.  Yes completely legal.  The only part of an AR rifle that has a serial number is the lower receiver.  This part is considered the whole firearm by definition of the law.  Thus if you buy the stripped out lower with a serial number you have bought a gun.  Everything you put on it to make it function isn’t considered building a gun, under the law.  Of course if you put these guns together and sell them for a profit then you become a gun manufacturer.  That falls under a whole different set of laws.


Putting together an AR rifle is like Legos for the gun enthusiast.  As kids we all loved building and playing with Legos.  Adult gun owners love the same things.  A person can save money building their own AR.  You also get to build a better rifle than you can afford to buy.  The best part is you have the knowledge of exactly how your rifle functions, and it’s all legal.  So go out and start building the rifle you want today.

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